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Country Club History

Extraordinary Golf Since 1901

We have a long history of providing remarkable golf on our beautiful 18 holes for over 115 years. Many famous golfers and celebrities have visited Rutland Country Club over the years, and you can see pictures of them throughout the clubhouse. The Splendid Splinter, Ted Williams was quite enamored by our course, as was Bob Rotella, and as is Keegan Bradley today.

Rutland Country Club

In the early days

In the early days the club was called the Rutland Golf Club. This is not the original location of the course, however. It was located at Clement Woods, in the southwest part of Rutland, just off Clement Road near where the College of St. Joseph sits today. The golf course had just three holes, and sponsored its first recorded competitive event in 1897; a putting contest. It was held on October 1, 1897 with 42 participants. Our lounge – Baxter’s – is named in honor of John Baxter.  Mr. Baxter was the original owner of the Rutland Country Club property.


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Rutland Country Club History
Rutland Country Club History

In 1901

In 1901, Rutland Country Club was established as a corporation under the laws of the State of Vermont, and Articles of Association were filed with the Secretary of State as well as the Rutland City Clerk. In 1902 a group of members, led by John Woodfin, Club President, and James Button, Club Treasurer, purchased a 382 acre farm from John Baxter for $4648. That farm became the Rutland Country Club. Architect George Low designed the original nine hole layout, completing his work in 1902. In 1927 the famed architectural firm of Stiles & Van Kleek supervised the construction of an additional nine holes, resulting in the venerable golf course we enjoy today.

Baxter farm house

The Baxter farm house (Circa 1800) was used as the Clubhouse. A store was operated by the general manager and was stocked with sundries, clothes, food, as well as golf equipment. Products from the farm including milk, hay and apples were also sold as part of the Club operation. In addition, member’s horses were stabled, groomed and pastured on the property. Some of the buildings are still being used as the maintenance facility and our famous “Caddy Shack”. The original Clubhouse was in continuous operation until it was razed in 1988 to make way for the facility you are enjoying today. Over 100 years later, we continue to enjoy a unique golfing experience on a course rich in challenge and tradition. We invite you to share in this experience and have a wonderful day.

Rutland Country Club History
Rutland Country Club History
Rutland Country Club History


Exhibition Match

One of our members came across an Exhibition Match that his father had from 1949.