TEE TIMES: 802-773-3254

BAXTER’S: 802-773-9153

TEE TIMES 802-773-3254

BAXTER’S 802-773-9153


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PAR 3Men Handicap: 11 Women Handicap: 17

This the longest par 3 at Rutland and the hardest hole. The tee short will be anything from a 4 iron to driver with all carry to a green elevated from the fairway. Shots hit to the green that don't hold will leave a very fast down hill chip from some heavy rough. Short is usually rewarded to being long on this hole. The green has a tremendous amount of slope from back to front. Putts from either side will break towards the front of the green. Once the putt starts rolling down the slope stopping it will be difficult. Best putting will be done from below the hole.

Aerial View: