General Policies & Rules - Rutland Country Club & Baxter's Restaurant
Rutland Country Club

General Policies & Rules

Use the designated areas only. We recommend that you lock your vehicles and please park your vehicle within the lines. Vehicles are not allowed through or beyond the front gate unless otherwise posted. Large extended vehicles should park along the perimeter of the lot in order to maximize traffic flow lanes. 

Dogs or Other Pets
With the exception of seeing eye dogs, dogs are not permitted at the Club facilities during the season, except under special circumstances or where authorized by the Board of Governors. The City of Rutland requires that dogs be kept on a leash at all times. 

Any minor under the age of 21 is not allowed to sit at the bar in the lounge. 

a. The dress code while playing applies to minors. 

b. Minors spectating others playing are expected to follow proper course etiquette. 

c. All children under the age of five must be accompanied by an adult at all times. There should be no children running freely through the Dining Room.  

Dress Code (Clubhouse)
Attire described in the “Rules of Golf” section is acceptable for regular Clubhouse activities. For “Special Events”, the attire will be indicated on notices and invitations. 

Lost & Found
Articles lost or found will be deposited with the Clubhouse Manager or in the Pro Shop. 

House Staff
The daily Clubhouse operations and Clubhouse staff are under the sole control of the Clubhouse Manager. The Clubhouse Manager, by authority of the Board of Governors, has the right to enforce the rules of the Club. 

Cafe Operations
The Cafe is composed of the lounge and dining room areas of the Clubhouse. The hours of operation for the Cafe will be posted on the Club website and other public spaces. The Cafe is available for use by members & the general public. 

a. Guests are welcome during the normal hours of operation (with the exception of “member-only” or private functions). 

b. Proper behavior is expected in the Cafe at all times. Boisterous or unbecoming conduct by a member or guest shall not be permitted in the Clubhouse. 

c. Members will be held responsible for the improper conduct of their guests and will be held liable for any damage caused by them. 

d. Members and guests may be refused service for reasons of intoxication, improper behavior, or any other matter that the Clubhouse Manager feels is necessary to maintain a proper atmosphere within the Clubhouse. 

e. No member, while under Club suspension, is allowed to use the Clubhouse facilities. This also means the suspended member may not be the guest of another member. 

f. Private functions at the Club may be arranged by contacting the Clubhouse Manager. 

g. Private functions may be available both to members of the Club and others. However, functions are only available when they do not interfere with the normal activities of the general membership. 

h. The kitchen area is off-limits to all members and guests, with the exception of the Board of Governors, Cafe Committee, or as required by the Clubhouse Manager. 

i. All complaints regarding service, such as over-charges, mischarges, mistakes or defects, shall be made to the Clubhouse Manager. The Clubhouse Manager is responsible for managing and disciplining Clubhouse staff. 

j. All complaints to the Clubhouse Manager should be made in an adult manner. Abusive or threatening language will not be tolerated. The Board of Governors will discipline any member or guest who violates this rule. 

Locker Rooms
Lockers are provided for all members. Additionally, some will be designated for guests. Members are asked to keep all equipment (balls, shoes, clothes) in the lockers after using the facility. It is suggested that you supply a lock for your locker to protect your belongings. The locker rooms will be cleaned daily. Inquiries about supplies for the locker rooms, including towels, are to be directed to the Clubhouse Manager. 

a. Locker room assignments may be obtained through the Clubhouse Manager. The only means of identifying lockers shall be the club-assigned number. No tags, name plates, stickers, or writing on lockers is allowed. 

Miscellaneous Rules 

a. Other than as permitted by the Club, no petition shall be originated, solicited, circulated or posted within the Club facilities. 

b. No drinking in the parking lot or tailgate parties are allowed, unless approved by the Board of Governors. 

c. All food and beverage consumed on the Club facilities shall be furnished by the Club. 

d. No announcement of any kind shall be posted on any bulletin board of the Club, except those posted by the Club’s committees, without the authority of the Board of Governors or its designee. 

e. It is unbecoming for any member or guest to abuse any of the Club’s employees, verbally or otherwise. No member or guest shall discipline any employee, nor shall a member request an employee to leave the Club facilities for any purpose whatsoever. Any employee not rendering courteous and prompt service should be reported to the Clubhouse Manager immediately. 

f. Motorcycles, motorbikes, off-road vehicles and other similar vehicles are only permitted in the parking lot and are not permitted on Club facilities without permission of the Board of Governors. 

g. No snowmobiling is allowed on the grounds. 

h. Absolutely no fireworks are permitted anywhere on the Club facilities or adjacent areas unless part of a fireworks exhibit organized, conducted, or approved by the Board of Governors. 

i. Use of the Club facilities may be restricted or reserved from time to time by the Board of Governors. 

j. Violation of any of these rules or conduct in a manner prejudicial to the best interests of the Club will subject the violator to disciplinary action in accordance with the Club’s rules and by-laws. 

k. The Board of Governors reserves the right to amend or modify these rules when necessary and will notify the membership of any change. 

l. The personnel of the Club have authority to enforce these rules and regulations and any infractions will be reported to the Clubhouse Manager and/or the Board of Governors. 

Infraction of Rules
The Board of Governors shall have full power and authority to make rules and regulations, not inconsistent with the by-laws, and enforce penalties for violation of same. They shall have power to suspend from the Club for such period as they may deem proper, or to expel any member guilty of misconduct, or of any act detrimental to the interests of the Club; the Board of Governors shall be the sole judge. 

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