TEE TIMES: 802-773-3254

BAXTER’S: 802-773-9153

TEE TIMES 802-773-3254

BAXTER’S 802-773-9153


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PAR 4Men Handicap: 10 Women Handicap: 6

Short dog leg left with a fairway that runs from right to left. The tee shot requires a 215-225 yard shot aimed just left of the tall pine at the end of the fairway. This will leave a short iron or wedge to a narrow, deep elevated green. There are two bunkers short of the green that shouldn't come into play. Right of the green is an embankment that should assist the ball getting onto the green. Shots missed right of the embankment will leave a nearly impossible downhill chip to a green that runs away. There is a collection area left of the that is a much easier up and down. Players leaving themselves long putts will find more break than they would imagine.

Aerial View: